New Brunswick Fishing Maps Marine Charts

Here is the list of New Brunswick Lakes Maps available on iBoating : Canada Marine & Fishing App. Marine charts app now supports multiple plaforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, MacBook, and Windows/PC based chartplotter. Available Fishing info on lake maps includes boat ramps, boat launches, fish attractor locations, fishing points, stream flowage lines, navigation buoys, fishing structure, hazards, depth areas & more. HD contour bathymetry is available on selected lake depth maps at no additional cost.
The Lake Navigation App provides advanced features of a Marine Chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. Fishing spots, Relief Shading, Lake Temperature and depth contours layers are available in most Lake maps. Lake navigation features include advanced instrumentation to gather wind speed direction, water temperature, water depth, and accurate GPS with AIS receivers(using NMEA over TCP/UDP). Autopilot support can be enabled during ‘Goto WayPoint’ and ‘Route Assistance’. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Nautical Chart TitleScale
Adelaide Lake1:6000
A Lake1:6000
Amelia Lake1:6000
Antinouri Lake1:12000
Arnold Lake1:6000
Ayers Lake1:6000
Bass River Lake1:6000
Bathurst Lake1:12000
Bear Lake1:6000
Beaver Lake1:6000
Belledune Lake1:6000
Belledune Reservoir1:12000
Big Hole Lake1:6000
Big Indian Lake1:12000
Big Kedron Lake1:12000
Bradford Cove Pond1:6000
California Spruce Lake1:6000
Camp Lake1:6000
Cassidy Lake1:12000
Chamcook Lake1:12000
Charlo River Res1:6000
Chatham Reservoir1:6000
Clear Lake1:12000
Clearwater Lake1:6000
Coronary Lake1:6000
Cranberry Lake1:6000
Crocker Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake1:12000
Cuckoo Lake1:6000
Cundy Lake1:6000
Dark Lake1:6000
Davidson Lake1:12000
Day Brook Lake1:6000
Deer Lake1:6000
Despres Lake1:6000
Devils Back Lake1:6000
Dicks Lake1:6000
Digdeguash Lake1:12000
Disappointment Lake1:12000
Dolan Lake1:6000
Douglas Lake1:6000
Duck Lake1:6000
Eagle Lake1:6000
East Branch Reservoir1:12000
East Long Lake1:12000
Eel Lake1:6000
Eightmile Lake1:6000
Étang Deuxième-Sault1:6000
First Eel Lake1:12000
First Lake1:6000
First Lake1:12000
First Lake1:6000
First Portage Lake1:6000
Fisher Lakes1:6000
Fish Lake1:6000
Folly Lake1:6000
Fowler Lake1:6000
French Fort Cove1:6000
Gibson Lake1:6000
Goldsmiths Lake1:6000
Goodwin Lake1:6000
Goose Lake1:6000
Gounamitz Lake1:6000
Grants Lake1:6000
Greenhill Lake1:6000
Grew Pond1:6000
Guagus Lake1:12000
Gulquac Lake1:12000
Halfmile Lakes1:6000
Halfmoon Lake1:6000
Hartts Lake1:6000
Harvey Lake1:12000
Head Lake1:6000
Holland Lake1:6000
Holmes Lake1:12000
Hunter Lake1:6000
Hurd Lake1:6000
Indian Lake1:6000
Indian Lake1:6000
Indian Lake1:6000
Irishtown Road Reservoir1:12000
Island Lake1:6000
Island Lake1:12000
Island Lake1:6000
Jacks Lake1:12000
Jacquet River Lakes1:6000
Kenny Lake1:6000
Kerr Lake1:6000
Killarney Lake1:6000
Knoll Spruce Lake1:6000
Lac Baker1:12000
Lac Unique1:12000
Lake Anthony1:6000
Lake George1:12000
Lake Glensevern1:6000
Lake Utopia1:24000
Lampedo Lake1:6000
Lily Lake1:6000
Little Chamcook Lake1:6000
Little Cranberry Lake1:6000
Little Everett Lake1:6000
Little Kedron Lake1:12000
Little Magaguadavic Lake1:12000
Little McKendrick Lake1:6000
Little River Lake1:6000
Little Trousers Lake1:6000
Loch Alva1:12000
Logan Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:24000
Long Ponds1:6000
Loon Lake1:6000
Lovalls Lake1:6000
Lower Jack Burns Lake1:6000
Lower Peaked Mountain Lake1:6000
Lower Tetagouche Lake1:6000
Lucky Lake1:6000
Magaguadavic Lake1:24000
Main Kennedy Lake1:12000
Mains Lake1:6000
Mary Pitcher Lake1:6000
McDougall Lake1:6000
McDougall Lake1:12000
McKendrick Lake1:6000
McKeon Pond1:6000
McPherson Pond1:6000
McRae Lake1:6000
Meadow Lakes1:6000
Mechanic Lake1:6000
Menzies Lake1:12000
Middle Peaked Mountain Lake1:6000
Middle Tetagouche Lake1:6000
Miller Lake1:6000
Miramichi Lake1:12000
Mitchell Lake1:12000
Modsley Lake1:12000
Moose Bogan1:6000
Moose Lake1:6000
Mosquito Lake1:12000
Muddy Lake1:6000
Mullin Stream Lake1:12000
Munson Lake1:6000
Murray Lake1:6000
Nashwaak Lake1:12000
Neary Pond1:6000
Neds Lake1:6000
Nepisguit Falls Lake1:6000
New Horton Lake1:6000
Nictau Lake1:12000
Northesk Pond 11:6000
Northesk Pond 21:6000
North Lake1:6000
North Little River Lake1:12000
North Renous Lake1:12000
Ogden Lake1:6000
Ormond Lake1:6000
Oromocto Lake1:24000
Otter Lake1:6000
Pabineau Lake1:6000
Payson Lake1:6000
Peabody Lake1:6000
Popelogan Lake1:6000
Queens Lake1:12000
Quisibis Lake1:6000
Red Rock Lake1:12000
Reid Lake1:6000
Riley Lake1:6000
Robin Hood Lake1:6000
Rock Ponds1:6000
Rocky Brook Lake1:6000
Rocky Lake1:12000
Roger Lake1:6000
Roulston Lake1:6000
Scotch Lake1:12000
Scott Lake1:6000
Second Bear1:6000
Second Eel Lake1:12000
Second Fowler Lake1:6000
Second Lake1:6000
Second Lake1:6000
Second Portage Lake1:6000
Serpentine Lake1:12000
Seven Mile Lake1:12000
Shaddick Lake1:6000
Sherwood Lake1:12000
Sinclair Lake1:6000
Sisson Branch Reservoir1:24000
Sluice Lake1:6000
Sole Leather Lake1:6000
South Lake1:6000
South Little River Lake1:6000
South Oromocto Lake1:24000
Sparks Lake1:6000
Spikehorn Lake1:6000
Square Lake1:12000
States Lake1:6000
Stewart Brook Lake1:6000
Strachens Lake1:6000
Taffy Lake1:6000
Teagues Lake1:6000
Teneriffe Lake1:6000
Theobald Lake1:6000
Third Bear1:6000
Third Lake1:12000
Third Portage Lake1:6000
Tomogonops Lake1:6000
Tongue Lake1:6000
Treadwell Lake1:6000
Trousers Lake1:24000
Trout Lake1:6000
Tuadook Lake1:12000
Turtle Lake1:6000
Upper Peaked Mountain Lake1:6000
Upper Tetagouche Lake1:6000
Upsalquitch Lake1:6000
Valentine Lake1:6000
Victoria Lake1:12000
Walton Lake1:6000
West Branch Reservoir1:12000
West Branch Reservoir1:12000
West Long Lake1:12000
Wheaton Lake1:12000
Whitebirch Lake1:6000
Whitney Pond1:12000
Wild Goose Lake1:6000
Williamstown Lake1:12000
Woodland Flowage1:12000
Yoho Lake1:12000