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‘Fishing AI’ is an artificial intelligence model that we have created to identify fishing spots in a lake/waterbody. It tries to emulate an expert angler, using the same kind of logic and reasoning that a fisherman would use. It is trained to include variables like lake bottom bathymetry/topography, fishing structure & vegetation maps, weather patterns, fish type, local knowledge gained over several years about the likely hot spots etc.  It can identify fishing spots and break lines in almost all kinds of water bodies including rivers, reservoirs, lakes and  ponds.

How does Fishing AI work?

The Fishing AI uses the power of large scale AI models along with the computing resources now available on cloud to create models for waterbodies to extract signals for fishing spots. If you use the i-boating app to view the bathymetry, you can eyeball fishing structures at the bottom of the lake. ‘Fishing AI’ automatically includes features like underwater humps/islands, point bars (the most common structure), channels, artificial/man made structures, pits etc into making decisions  for a potential fishing hotspot.  It includes other signals to come up with the fishing hotspots and fishing breaklines ( the areas where fishes are likely to bite.)

Why should you use Fishing Hot Spots AI?

It will identify good fishing spots a human would miss. When manually breaking down a lake that you are not familiar with, you would typically miss out on a lot of places because of how painstaking the process is. The bigger the lake, the more likely you are to miss out on areas that are likely to be good for fishing. The Fishing Structure AI, works in all lakes - natural or man made and all major game species (Bass, Pike, Muskie etc). 

Where is Fishing Points AI available?

We are starting out with selected inland lake  in the USA  and Canada. It would soon be available for all the lakes worldwide that are supported by i-Boating App. If its available for your lake, you should see fishing points and lines like the following screenshot. 

Please let us know if your lake is missing and we will prioritize it over other lakes.


Fishing Hot Spots AI

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