Marine GPS SDK for Embedded Linux

Target Audience

i-Boating SDK on embedded linux is available to sellers/ manufacturers of chartplotters, who wish to give i-Boating as a cartography alternative to their customers. The embedded linux version is only available to developers of such products.

Embedded Linux Support

i-Boating marine navigation SDK is now available for embedded linux devices. The embedded linux version supports hardware accelerated marine vector charts. The SDK supports most embedded linux systems running on ARM cores. For more details regarding cross compilation and system support, please contact

Marine Navigation SDK for Embedded Linux Features

  • GPS  Auto Follow with real time track overlay
  • Track Recording
  • AIS
  • Route Editing and Way Points
  • Custom Depth Shading, Depth offset and depth units
  • Route Assistance
  • Distance Bearing Track
  • Track / Route overlay and Animation
  • Share tracks as GPX files (requires internet)

Build your own chartplotter

The i-Boating embedded linux SDK is a great option for chart plotter vendors, looking to give their customers access to  most fluid, hardware accelerated vector charts. The i-Boating application running on top of the SDK has been tested on  Raspbery PI 3 (Raspbian OS).