Under Water Relief Shading

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Relief Shading - What is it?

i-Boating relief shading is like Google Street View, but for underwater terrain (Sea View). It's a visual representation of what the underwater terrain looks like. If you were to drain the oceans/lakes of all the water, that is the kind of view relief shading attempts to show.

i-Boating Relief Shading

Relief Shading - How to enable it

  • Tap on the layers icon on bottom left.
  • Select Relief Shading
  • Tap Save

Enable Relief Shading in i-Boating

Relief Shading - what regions are covered

The first version includes coverage for coast of US and major inland lakes. We are working on increasing coverage. If you would like to see your region/lake/river prioritized, please contact us.

Relief Shading - supported devices

Relief shading is available on the following platforms:

  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android (phone and tablet)
  • Windows
  • MacOS

FAQ for Relief Shading

Q1 Can I disable contours with relief shading enabled?

A1 Yes, simply check the box “Disable Depths” on top when relief shading layer is enabled.

Q2 Is Relief Shading like Google Street View for water?

A2. Yes, in a sense. Street view relies primarily on data collected from light sensors. That is not an option for underwater surveys. The i-Boating relief shading is created from bathymetry data from hi-resolution sonar surveys.