Marine & Lakes Mapping SDK

We offer a mapping SDK for Android & iOS devices. SDK allows mapping features to be natively built into other applications with little effort.

SDK Features

  • Native GPU acceleration: Native GPU rendering is available on all architectures (ARM, Intel & MIPS) - both 32 bit and 64 bit variants. For iOS SDK includes native support for arm & arm64. The renderer takes advantage of the Apple A7, A8, SGX 543, SGX 535 GPUs for rendering. This allows us to have high refresh rates (60 fps).
  • Rotate maps using gestures:Just like Apple Maps, you can rotate maps using fingers.
  • Text stays upright on rotation:Text rendering happens in GPU enabling high refresh rate for text rendering upon rotation.
  • Change depth units (ft, metre fathom): 
  • Seamless maps: All maps have been pre-converted into our seamless maps format. The renderer automatically shows relevant depending on map scale.
  • HD contours:  We do not charge extra for HD lake contours.   If you do sonar logging and are willing to share it with us, we will be happy to create contours for you.
  • Hybrid renderer:We understand that there are regions which haven't been fully vectorized or where raster charts have more details.  Our new GPU based renderer is capable of handling both data simultaneously.
  • Analog zoom: Most maps client use digital zoom levels. For e.g. zooming in takes one to discrete zoom levels (e.g. 13, then 14 etc.). We support analog zoom i.e. when you zoom in/out, the app takes you to more finer zoom levels (e.g. 13. 01, 13.02, 13. 03... and so on).
  • Route Editing
  • Auto Follow
  • Track Recording
  • Route Assistance with voice prompts
  • Tides & Currents


Includes Fishing & Marine Charts

  • Detailed fishing and marine charts, updated regularly are included in the SDK. You do not have to worry about  updating the maps regularly. Our team works daily on keeping charts up to date. 
  • Marine charts includes all vector layers - navigation symbols, depth contours, depth areas, obstructions, hazards etc.
  • Internal format includes all s57 data plus more
  • HD contours (1ft/3ft) are built in.
  • Seamless support of vector and raster data
  • Maps support offline object query
  • Maps format optimized for rendering using GPUs

Sample Applications using SDK

We dogfood all our products. Our recently released "i-Boating" series of applications are built entirely using this SDK. To try out these applications and see the SDK in action, download the following applications to your iOS or Android device. 

OS support

  • Android: Device running 4.0 or higher are supported (ICS and higher).
  • iOS: Devices running iOS 7.0 or higher are supported.
  • WindowsPCs/Laptops/Tablets running Windows 8.1 or higher.
  • Windows Phones running Windows 10.0 or higher.
  • i-Boating Web API: Modern browsers, both desktop and mobile (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE etc)
  • Embedded Linux


Please contact us regarding pricing details.

Target Audience

The SDK is designed for developers who wish to add marine mapping features in their applications.

We also work with OEMs and/or distributors / service providers who provide complete multi vendor solution to their customers.